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Elements Of A Good Triathlon Coach

Triathlon sports involve a lot of physical exercises and hence it is important that the people that undertake them be willing to commit their time and resources in achieving their set goals. The triathletes that fully commit to their career can be seen achieving a lot as they are willing to come into terms with everything that is taking place.

The triathlon triathlete have different capabilities and hence the coach should be able to identify the different and then encourage the triathlete to achieve the goals they may be having in their career. When the triathlete is taught on the different ways to maintain their stamina and do their activities whilst thinking of their health then they are able to meet the set targets.

This becomes important in cases where the players are trying to ignore any sickness which may adversely affect the general well-being of the triathletes. The triathlon coach should organize for regular checkups which are important in gauging the general well-being of the triathlete. Triathletes should keep away from drugs and the triathlon coach is required to see that by conducting regular drug testing.

Malnutrition is not allowed in the triathlon sport as the triathlete is required to eat foods that are full of nutrients as lack of any nutrients could eland to a triathlete suffering while participating in competitions or even during the workout sessions. The triathlon coach can even conduct weekly dinners with the trainees in order to talk to them about the different ways they are required to maintain the health of the body and also in the different ways they can maintain their health.

Sleep is an important part of a human being and hence it should never be neglected and the triathlon coach should ensure that the triathletes do not participate in a competition when they have minimal sleep. Before any competitions the triathlon coach is required to meet shortly with the triathletes and them release them to go and rest as they prepare for the competitions that are coming up.

The triathletes should always be encouraged to train in groups and interact on a personal level as this gives them an opportunity to bond and ensure that they support each other during any competitions. The unity formed in the training field is extended in other areas as the triathletes understand that they can trust each other and seek help from each other.

The coach is present in the different milestones of the triathletes and encourages them to overcome any challenges they face. The triathlon coach ensures that the triathletes are always obeying different policies to ensure that they are not disqualified from playing.

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