The One and More

The One and MoreShe was the one love that Miles vowed never to abandon. He was the one lover who kept her craving more. Can she now recover from the most profound betrayal a woman can endure?

The One and More is the second in a series of erotic romance thrillers by Belle Ami that charts the steamy, star-crossed love affair of Adelia Lindstrom and Miles Bremen.

Bound by a connection as pure as it is red hot, and deep as it is pulsing with desire, the two are forced from each other’s hearts, and beds—by the most chilling act of sabotage—by Karolin, the twisted sister of Miles, whose design on the couple’s twin children may even lead to murder.

Newly estranged and with custody of their toddlers, Adelia is now involved in a titillating love affair with detective David Weiss. However, when they uncover new evidence in the death of Adelia’s parents, it causes her to revisit the past, and Miles’s role in it all. When her children are once again threatened by Karolin, the event becomes international, drawing in the FBI. Can Adelia save her children and reignite her once-consuming feelings for Miles? Or is David the one who will win her heart?


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