One More Time is Not Enough

One More Is Not EnoughOne More Time is Not Enough is a steamy, sexy suspense novel guaranteed to keep you turning pages. Adelia Lindstrom Bremen has a dilemma, she is in love with two men, and she doesn’t know that she is about to become the next target on a serial killer’s blacklist.

This is the story of a woman trying to get her life back on track. A woman who instills passion and desire from the two men who love her. Adelia has everything, she is independently wealthy, she has beautiful twin children, and a career that she loves. Even with all of her blessings her life has become a minefield of lies, disappointments, and tragedy:

  • Her parents were murdered;
  • Her marriage ended in a messy divorce and custody battle;
  • Her children were kidnapped by her ex-sister-in-law and had to be rescued from Cuba;
  • Her godfather that murdered her parents was killed in the rescue.
  • Now, she has discovered that her birth father wasn’t the man who raised her, but was her godfather, the man who killed her parents.

With a secret that was carried to their graves her parents and her godfather lied to her. In her life, secrets abound, but none is more surprising than learning that she has a half-sister. A sister that she hopes will be the key to healing her broken heart and rebuilding the family that she sorely misses.

Which of the two men that love her will she choose? Can she forgive her ex-husband, Miles for betraying her? Can she find a way to build a life with her lover David, a recent graduate of the FBI?

When she receives a letter from her godfather, Lucas, a deathbed missive that threatens her life and future, will she listen? She has vowed to amend her parents’ Trust to better reflect their wishes, and that promise has placed her in the cross-hairs of a serial killer. Someone is killing scientists that deny man-made climate change and Adelia is about to find out that putting her life back together and opening herself to love may be the least of her worries.

Can she find her true love and survive being the prey of a serial killer? Can the two men who love her rescue her in time? The clock is ticking.

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